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How do you fight the dead? by Gary3-6-9
How do you fight the dead?
Illustration for QFTP, chapter VI:…
So how did they get to this situation? Find out in the chapter!

Iris belongs to :iconpainted94:
Ardor and Demens belong to me, ask them stuff here:
  - "Ardor!!" - Iris rose up and wanted to follow him, but Demens held her back gently. - "He needs some time alone, Iris, but he'll be fine. It's a lot to take in, you know. And he probably blames himself for everything what has happened."
 - "But it wasn't really his fault - he couldn't have known..."
 - "And he will realize it, but it will take time." he also stood up, dusting off... "Besides, we're perfectly safe here, unless...."
 - "..unless?"
 - "It's nothing... just rumors. I don't even know why I thought about it in the first place. This ghost town atmosphere is probably affecting me" 
 - "It might be for the best to know, even if it's just rumors"
 - "Well..." Pr. Demens smirked cynically "some say that, after the battle that happened here, the place is haunted by the spirits of the fallen, and they would attack anyone who angered them, and that's why nobody gets out of here alive. But I think it's rather far fetched. The suppressing atmosphere, and any physical or mental occurrences here, can be easily explained scientifically."
 - "How odd... so how did you plan to get out of here?"
 - "Odd indeed..." he made a dismissive gesture. "I didn't have any specific plan. I just.." he sighed deeply "I needed a really quite place, to think. You see, I've spent years in my searches for Ardor, in any possible End, but there was no trace. And just when I was ready to accept the worst and give up, I went to your father, for medical treatment, and while working, he talked about you, mentioning your friends on the way. He's not very approving of diversity, and so he came to mention a certain Enderblaze. The more he spoke, the clearer it became for me that Ardor was still alive, but lived in the Overworld! I was overwhelmed with contradicting feeling thoughts. Should I go see him, or should I just leave him alone to his life? If we meet, will he remember me, and what sides of me will he remember? These and countless other questions bothered me, so I came here to think, and make a decision. I was exhausted from searches, and overwhelmed with thoughts, and wasn't really thinking it through, but, of course there's an obvious way to get out of here. Though, now that you're here, I'm sure we won't have to dig for enderpearls, because you must've brought one with you, right?"
 - "Of course, I have brought one, but I have to warn you that it's not a portal - it will teleport us to an unpredictably random location, and might even split us up, so it'll probably be better if we finish this meeting on a better note."
 - "Hmm... I've never studied portals thoroughly enough, so I really didn't know where it might take me, but it seems like even professionals can't predict that. Oh! Ardor is coming back!"
 - "Are we leaving?" Ardor walked towards them slowly, noticing the Eye of Ender in Iris's hands. He looked calm but somewhat distant.
 - "Sooner then it seems..." Iris held the pearl, preparing to activate it. "Well, has everyone gotten what the need off their backs?
'Cause I'm SOOO not making another portal to here..." she managed a giggle, to ease the atmosphere. 
 - "I found more then I needed." - Ardor looked at his father uneasy.
 - "I think we can go..." - said Demens with a sigh, returning a quick glance. 
 - "Wait, I hear something..." Iris grasped the endereye, listening closely.
 - "Must be wind", Demens looked around. "It's getting colder here."
 - "No it's not!" - Iris objected, now being alarmed, "it's down three!"
 - "Three what?" Demens started to look around in confusion. 
 - "Three blocks?" Ardor looked at his feet "is it coming from below us?!"
 - Iris nodded - "Two blocks and approaching! And don't sound friendly either..."
Ardor took out his swords, as the ground begun to shake.
 - "Get ready - they're one block down!"
 - "Oh, Notch..." Demens was ready to panic.
Ardor took a deep breath, a fireball, gurgling with heat in his mouth, while Iris prepared for an attack, when suddenly something grabbed her foot. She teleported a step back, with a surprised gasp, as more ghostly, semi-transparent arms started to poke from the ground. The ghosts came out of the ground, with blood-freezing groans and hisses, a few at first, but as more came, they've started to form an angry mob, trying to grab and pull and tear at their offenders, while Ardor tried to keep them away with fireballs, which did no good - they were just passing right through.
 "You.... you're not real!!" Demens slashed at the ghost, who tried to grab his left arm, with his metallic right claw, making the ghost evaporate with a hiss.
 "They are vulnerable to metal!" - Ardor took out his swords and started to slash at the ghosts, while Iris, taking a deep breath, pulled out her magical sword, and tried to use it on the ghosts, which worked too, despite it being made out of obsidian and not metal. 
  More ghosts continued to appear, while the team were struggling to keep them away, though the pressure was only growing.
 - "There's... too..... many!!" - Demens groaned, gasping for air between the furious attacks.
 - "We need to take a higher ground!" Ardor sent three ghost flying backwards, pushing them away with the swords crossed, winning a moment to look around - "The columns! We should teleport up one of them!"
  Iris and Demens nodded, and started to back away, towards the nearest columns. The obsidian blocks which composed the columns, were smooth, and the columns were too tall to teleport to the top in one go, so the ascent promised to be tough, but it was their only chance. As they got close enough to the tower, one of the ghostly hands managed to reach them, and grab, and pull....
  - "My scarf......." Iris stopped for a moment, slowly rising her hand to her face. Ardor also stopped, his eyes rounding, as he realized what was going to happen.
 - "Iris, no!!" he grabbed her arm, managing to to tear the scarf from the ghost on the way, and pulled her faster towards the tower.
 - "No, let me go!!! You...." she was randomly clawing around, trying to swirl out of his grasp, swearing like she never would under regular circumstances. Having four arms, it was all Ardor could do to hold her and keep climbing at the same time, while the ominous brown cloud under them was closing up, thicker and angrier than before, shaking the world with wrathful groans.
  They made it to the top just barely, having a few moments before the ghosts would catch up with them. Luckily, Iris was still grasping the sword and the Eye of Ender in her hands, but it had to be activated. "Iris! Snap out of it!" Ardor shacked her hard, trying to put the scarf into her sword hand. "No! I! Ah... Ardor?" She looked around in confusion, while Demens already started to cut at the ghostly hands, reaching over the border. "Hurry up, you two!!" "Right!" Iris nodded, while Ardor and Demens grabbed the Eye too, and the three of them disappeared, just as the circle of angry spirits closed around the place where they just stood.
  They landed roughly on a hard ground, and stood up, trying to determine where they were.
 - "That's not Overworld...." - Ardor observed.
 - "Not another End either", Demens said "But it's too dark to see..."
 - "It's the Nether" Iris tapped on the ground with her foot slightly - "We're standing on Netherrack. But it's too quite for some reason..."  - "And too dark!" - Ardor added. Must be some very remote area!"
 - "Wait, I here someone breathing..." - Iris started to walk towards the noise, while Ardor's and Demens's eyes were accommodating to the darkness. As they've approached the source of the noises that only Iris could hear, they saw a deactivated Nether portal, missing one block, and near it sat a very skinny figure of an enderwoman, rocking back and forth slowly...
Quest for the past, part 6 - Enemy from below..
And the final chapter of the current... umm.... season...? Yeah, I guess that concludes season one, if that can be said about literature. Who's the mysterious new character though? Yes, another mysterious character, not less important than Ardor's father trust me!:D

Previous chapter --->…

Ardr, Indigo, endeghosts belong to me, blog here:
Iris and mysterious character belong to :iconpainted94:
Minecraft belongs in our hearts...T_T
Dreams and Champions by Gary3-6-9
Dreams and Champions
Illustration for QFTP, chapter V:… - you can see Ardor as a kid! And those weird guys? You will hear more from them eventually.;)

All characters belong to me, here's Ardor's blog:
Minecraft used to belong to Notch...:B
After a long, tense, pause, Ardor took the swords away, and then sheathed them, keeping his eyes on the opponent all the while. When he did, his possible father sighed with relief, and set in a more comfortable position. After a little hesitation, Iris followed him, putting the sword on the ground beside her, and then Ardor sat down too, preparing to listen. - "So... what happened back then? I know we've been fighting. You've tried to kill me. You've left these scars on me!"
 - "You truly don't remember anything, do you?" he sighed again "Then I'll have to stat from the very beginning..."
 - "Beginning? What, my birth?" - Ardor asked skeptically.
 - "Have patience, young enderman! The story begins before your birth... It begins with your mother."
 - "My mother? I think I'm starting to remember you, but I don't recall having a mother."
 - "And you wouldn't. She died while giving you birth."
 - "Oh..."
 - "Yes, it was hard for both of you, and, even though, you have survived, the doctor who delivered you, said that you will survive for only a few months at best."
 - "Oh!" - Iris realized something suddenly - "This story sounds familiar! I think my dad told it to me, after my mom... was gone.... What was the name of the doctor who helped you? And do you happen to be Pr. Demens?"
 - "Yes I do! And it was Indigo. Oh! And you must be Iris then! Of course, now I know why you look familiar. He talked about you a lot the last time I visited. He also told me about your friends, and that's.. well, that's how I've heard about Ardor... But he never talked about your mother.. Though now I see why he has changed so much. Back then he was cheerful and full of energy, trying to support me however he could."
 - "What's going on here? How did it all get so interrelated? Were we connected from the very beginning, somehow?" - Ardor looked at Iris, puzzled."
 - "Yes, it's in fact very interesting, but let me continue the story."
They all nodded, and Demens continued - "So... Dr. Indigo tried to help as best as he could, but he was powerless, and my son was going to die. You must understand - he was all I've had left, after my wife died, so I decided to take a disparate step."
 - "That doesn't sound good to me" - Iris put in - "What did you do?"
 - "I remember..." Iris and Demens turned to Ardor, who was holding his head in his arms, thinking hard - "of course! Now it's all rushing back!" - he sat upright, and looked at each of them in turn, stopping on Iris - "He told me about it after my first fight! It was the first time I understood why I was always rejected by everyone! In an attempt to save my life, he hacked my DNA, adding strong genes, from other creatures. He chose Blaze and Enderdragon, as, supposedly, a very strong combination."
 - "That is a very primitive, unscientific explanation, of a very delicate and hard process, son, but generally you're right..."
 - "Blaze I can understand... Enderdragon though...?" - Iris was puzzled.
 - "You must understand... It was my last hope, and I couldn't take chances. But... something went wrong, and Ardor... well, he didn't grow up as an ordinary Ender-child. He was... different." - he looked at Ardor apologetically. 
 - "Well, I like what I look like!"
 - "And so do I Ardor, but there were too many who didn't..."
 - "Though I can't see, I doubt you look any bad..." - Iris said, comforting.
 - "Yeah... I guess... Thank you." - Ardor blushed again, despite himself. Meanwhile Demens coughed and continued - "You must understand though, I don't know what went wrong - I was too overflown by grief and desperation to think logically, and even when he began to change, I still didn't see where it's going at the moment."
- "I know what you mean" - Iris said - "I myself had to keep my dad from trying to clone mom after she disappeared."
- "Anyways..." - Ardor took the story from here - "As I've mentioned before, I was rejected by other kids, and adults alike. I've tried hard to be kind and friendly, but it didn't make it better. So I've started to try other ways to make people notice me. Any means, however disparate. At the time, I've also noticed that I'm stronger then other ender-kids, and even adults. With four arms, and fireballs-throwing ability, I've become feared even more. Until I... ended up in a fighting club..." he looked at Demens, who sighed deeply.
- "I was too busy with my work. Especially with genetics, trying to find a way to make Ardor's life easier, but, by not spending more time with him, I only made it worse. When I've heard about the fighting club, I was shocked." - Demens sighed again.
- "It sounds illegal" - Iris put in - "Where was that club placed?"
- "Well, because, as you said, it was illegal, the club didn't have permanent location - the battles were held in different places every time. Abandoned facilities, someone's basement, a dark alley... Everyone in the underworld knew about it, and was always informed regarding the next "meeting". I got in, and immediately was noticed, both due to my skills and looks. I was finally noticed. People cheered for me, bet on me, shook hands with me, and challenged me to battles, acknowledging my power. I was happy, but then the problems begun.
 When I was in the younger league, I was a profitable attraction, but when I started to climb to the top, getting dangerously close to the places that were already paid for, and reserved for the three "favorites", the authorities begun to worry."
- "At first he was naive, and clueless, blinded by fame, failing to see what was going on around him. But, fortunately, this was when I've started to notice things. Hear talks on the streets. And then some odd accidents started to happen - rocks falling from the roof, when Ardor's passing under them, barely dodging in time, his food going toxic, and one time there was water spilled all over the floor of his room!"
- "I still thought it was just accidents. I begun to realize too late. But by the time I did - the semi-finals were close, and I wasn't about to give up, no matter what."
- "The day before the semi-finals, terrible news were spread around the town - a store on one of the streets was rubbed and burnt down. And there were witnesses who claimed to have seen Ardor doing the deed. It has reached the Enderdragon himself, and guards were sent out to arrest him. Somehow all the citizens also knew about the illegal fight, which, for a change, was planned to happen in an open field, where Ardor was already preparing for the battle. And there he was found by the angry mob and the official guards."
- "When I realized what was going on, and what I was accused of, I was really angry, just as the plotters have planned, and when a guard asked me to come with them, I've lost control, and challenged to an open battle anyone who thinks that I'm guilty. I didn't realize I'm inviting an angry mob to tear me apart."
- "I was there too, and when Ardor made that horrible mistake, I saw only one option. I've had to answer his challenge, in order to save his life. And so, while everyone was still hesitating, I stepped forward. I knew that Ardor won't go back on his word, no matter who stood before him. I also knew that I've had no chance to overpower him, but he would be shocked by seeing who opposes him, if only for a moment, and I could use this opportunity. Everything went exactly according to my calculations, and so, I've clawed him across the face, without warning, making him lose coordination and sight for a short while, and then I drove him closer to an End portal, and pushed him out for good, by clawing him at the chest." he looked at his modified claw, gleaming coldly in the dim light. - "It's a special metal, you see. Very strong."
- So, that explains how Ardor got his scars, and the trauma was probably the cause of his amnesia."- Iris concluded -"But what happened next? How did this place become a desolation?"
- "And here we came to the saddest part..." - Demens began, his voice slightly trembling - "shortly after Ardor was pushed out, the Enderdragon himself has arrived. He saw through the plot, and his agents were collecting evidence, that would be sufficient for arresting the criminals. They made it almost in time, but "almost" doesn't count. They tried to convince the mob in Ardor's innocence, but, unfortunately, the owners of the fight club have had great influence on many of the people, and so, a battle started. People have split into those demanding "justice" over the "accursed monster", while the others supported their wise leader, the Enderdragon. Emotions raged, and certain individuals saw an opportunity that they couldn't dream of - they've had a real chance to overturn the governments, and take the Enderdragons place, and that resulted in a great bloodshed. There were no victors in this battle. Only broken and tired survivors who, after a while, had had to leave that, once, peaceful place, which was now turned into a mass grave of their friends and relatives. And their good ruler - the Enderdragon..." a heavy silence fell, when Demens finished the story. All the while Ardor was sitting with his face in his hands, but when the silence fell, he teleported away, without telling a word.


Quest for the past, part 5 - Ardor's past!
And finally! We hear the story!! Discover what happened to Ardor before the Amnesia, and meet his family member in this chapter!:D

Previous chapter --->…

Next chapter --->…

Iris belongs to :iconpainted94:
Ardor, Demens and other OCs mentioned, belong to me.
Minecraft belongs to microscope.(Almost said it. almost)
The destined battle by Gary3-6-9
The destined battle
Yep! Here is the new character! But who is he?! Well, he has an explanation for that in QFTP, chapter IV:…

That one took me two evenings, but was totally worth it! And for the next chapter I'll probably make a more complex illustration, or even multiple of them, so have patience...:B

Iris belongs to :iconpainted94:
Ardor and the claw-guy belong to me, you can pester them here:
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So, I'm trying to get back to work as an artist, çasue I miss this s**t, seriously....
My current schedule is pretty tight right now - I come home from work ar around 18:00, in 18:00 I'm going out for a training, until 19:40, then I eat and take a shower, and around 20:30-21:00, I practice guitar, and only after I finish that, I get to the computer. I have about and an hour (maybe a little more) to goof around the internet, and do some work, until I go to bed at 23:00, because I gotta wake up at 6:45, and start an exhausting work day. Due to my sickness this week, I've had a major shift in my schedule, which allowed me to do some art, and, maaaan, does that feel great! I remembered just how awesome it feels to draw stuff, and I don't wanna stop, so now I'm gonna squeeze some time for drawing (and writing) into my schedule. Now, I'm writing all this because... well, I don't know, just wanted to share. I guess, when I write it out, and can see it against my eyes, it looks easier. It looks okay, and I feel like I can actually do it. So... this part took longer then I planned, and here comes the actually important part, which was the reason why I've started to write this journal in the first place:

Work plan:

1. Illustrations for my Quest for the Past Minecraft fanfic, which tell's Ardor's story before the amnesia, but lots of other stuff happens too. I've already posted one chapter, and I've got five more of them ready, but I won't be posting chapters, until I have illustrations ready for them.
2. Tumblr asks - yes, I've got asks from three tumblr blogs, and some of them are like 4 years... FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!!!! EEEEEEGH!!!!! So I must do them already, and get them off my soul!
3. A psychedelic comic I've had idea for, which I totally gotta make. It has a good lesson in it, and I'll be working on it in between the asks, I guess.
4. A little story about witches, based on a dream I've had - I'm in no rush with that one though.
5. A request from somebody who forgot that they've requested something from me, last time I checked a couple of years ago. kill me 
6. A short comics about Henk's past, explaining how he became a skeleton, and met Fluffer, and who is the mysterious wither skeleton antagonist that haunts his dreams.
7. Um.......... now, there's this guy who requested a Bday gift from me, and he got like a few years older since then, but that's not really my fault. Dude, you still didn't tell me what EXACTLY you want, and stopped responding to my messages. If you're reading this - just tell me what you want more or less, and I'll find time for it, okay? 

That's it, there'll be more stuff, but I hope to do at least all this first. The asks are a lot of work, really..... Wish me luck!:D


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If you wanna know something about me, you can ask personally!;)

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